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“This truth about the soul is first to be heard. If you have heard it, think about it. Once you have done that, meditate upon it. No more vain arguments! Satisfy yourself once that you are the infinite spirit. If that is true, it must be nonsense that yo u are the body. You are the Self, and that must be realized. Spirit must see itself as spirit. Now the spirit is seeing itself as the body. That must stop. The moment you begin to realize that, you are released.”

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How To Write a Software Project Proposal

This article provides an actual software project proposal (names changed) for automating temperature monitoring in a hospital or building. It should give you an outline to start writing your own project proposals.

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National Center for Men Launches ‘Roe v. Wade for Men’ Campaign

Men’s rights activists are mounting a long shot legal campaign aimed at giving them the chance to opt out of financial responsibility for raising a child.

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15 Years for Cheek Biting

I don’t get it at several levels.

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Craft Your Dynamic Elevator Speech

In brief:
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Top Ten Lies of Entrepreneurs

Guy Kawasaki compiled an excellent list of top ten lies by entrepreneurs.

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How To Bootstrap Your Startup

Nick Denton suggests few services that can be used to power your startup venture. Some of them I use like Skype for verbal communications and Trillian for IM.

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A Protest: I Quit Supporting Indian Cricket aka Chappell’s XI

I protest against the farce that Indian cricket has become. The seven jokers (Rahul “Lackey” Dravid, Greg “Underarm” Chappell aka Greg “middle finger” Chappell, Kiran “Chappell’s Puppy” More and the remaining non-de-plume’s decided to play the biggest joke in the annals of Indian cricket.

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Harold Pinter in Nobel Acceptance Speech Lambasts Iraq War & US Foreign Policy

Harold Pinter in his acceptance speech for Nobel prize in literature lambasts US war against Iraq, denounces US foreign policy and brings to focus US brutalities in post WW-2 era.

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Best of The Fortnight Ending 20th November 2005

We bring to you the best of the articles across Taragana Blog Network for the fortnight ending 20th November 2005. It was tougher than we thought as we had a hard-time creating a small list. Next time we will go for weekly schedule. This is our first attempt to highlight some of the posts which we think would be interesting to you and summarizes the important happenings across our blogs. Hope you like it.

Consanesco - Blogging for Health

Reports complete mapping of over 37K rice genomes.

Did you know that sweets can lower your physical and psychological stress?

Read about Andrew Stimpson’s spontaneous cure from AIDS.

Meditation has been found to increase cortical thickness which translates to more brainpower.
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