Why Most Netbooks Are Better Than iPad / Tablet

Inspite of the hype caused by iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablets, Netbooks are still a winning proposition for many class of users. Here’s a brief set of reasons to look into before you go plonking down your hard earned cash for a tablet:
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A Romance Spanning Time and Space: The Story of Leela Or Multiverse in Sanatan Dharma

A Romance of Time and Space: The Story of Leela
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AIESEC Workshop on Entrepreneurship (Photos and Video)

AIESECI conducted a workshop on 16th October 2011 at IIT Kharagpur on Entrepreneurship. About 150 students attended. They had to close registration within a week of announcement as all seats were booked. Here are some photos and partial video from the presentation (sound surprisingly tapers down after some time) taken with Google Nexus One.entrepreneurship-workshop-at-aiesec-iit-kharagpur-5entrepreneurship-workshop-at-aiesec-iit-kharagpur

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14 Basic Leadership Traits Taught by United States Marine Corps - J.J. DID TIE BUCKLE

14 basic leadership traits as taught by United States Marine Corps can be summarized by simple acronym used to remember these 14 traits. “J.J. DID TIE BUCKLE”

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How to automatically post your tweets on Facebook too

I use a Facebook app ( https://apps.facebook.com/twitter/ ) which allows me to selectively / all post my tweets on Facebook. It has been working perfectly for over a year and is very reliable. Check it out.

Technology Training Businesses of Kolkata

The list comprises of the people I know and is not comprehensive. Also the list is alphabetical.
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An unknown chapter in the life of Swami Vivekananda - “Humbre de Dios, humbre de Dios!”

“One day we lost our way in Cairo. I suppose, we had been talking too intently. At any rate, we found ourselves in a squalid, ill-smelling street, where half-clad women lolled from windows and sprawled on doorsteps.

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Surprising Social Media Statistics for 2011

Most of these statistics will surprise you:

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How Anna Hazare was made

groupwithannahazareOnly a 7th standard pass, Anna Hazare’s current ‘life’ is his rebirth after a near death military experience. This bachelor has dedicated his entire life, for the past 35 years to social service, focusing on the village communities. After a 12 year period in the Indian Army, where Annaji was posted in the dangerous India-Pakistan war, he narrowly escaped a bomb attack where all of his fellow soldiers were killed. Annaji felt that life was meaningless, to the point where he no longer wished to live. “If I’m coming with nothing and leaving with nothing” Annaji said, “what’s the point in living?” It was at that juncture that he conveniently came across a Swami Vivekananda Book at Delhi Railway Station. This proved to be a transformational turning point for him. Annaji explained that it was the wise words of the Swami that enlightened him to the true duty of man: ‘manav seva’ (service to mankind).

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Business Idea for Indian Startups: Boutique Care Service for Parents of NRI

Many NRI have old parents who needs attention and care. For one reason or other they are not with their son / daughter and their children worry about their well being. There is a huge opportunity to provide high-quality care for these parents at their home which will be gladly sponsored by their NRI children.

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