Will Shunning Foreign Goods Help India?

Today I received a passionate plea by Simple Thoughts (popular Java & Web Technology blog) contact form from Rajesh Kannan, who apparently forwarded the email from someone else. I am enclosing his letter in full below:
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What would McCain do if he was running against Jesus

This is too good to pass. Thanks to Robert Scoble and Alex Berger for the link.

Who do you support as the next US President?

Participate in the anonymous survey and let your choice be known.

The current results are:
11 responses with the following breakdown:

  • Barack Obama - 72.7%
  • John McCain - 27.3%

There are four comments to the question why?:
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Only Michelle Malkin Can…

How can someone take a perfectly reasoned speech by General Collin Powell supporting Barack Obama for President and try to make a mockery of it?
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Tiananmen Sqaure Killings - 19 Years Ago

Will history remember them, the students who were killed on that fateful day? Many of you were too young to remember, many were not born. Some videos for you to re-live the event…

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Hats Off To Senator Barack Obama & Senator Mrs. Hillary Clinton

This has been an amazing campaign for the Democrats. Both Democratic party nominee presents an opportunity and test for the new USA. USA had to choose between the first woman president or the first black president. It has chosen for the first Black presidential nominee and probably the president of USA and his message for change.

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Scary Thought: Fox News Throughout History

What if Fox News had been there throughout history?
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