IIT Graduates Control Nearly 1 Trillian Dollars Worldwide; Created 20 Million New Jobs

The alumni of the seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), now in senior positions in industry and government across the world, have a total budgetary responsibility of $885 billion, states a study conducted byZinnov Management Consulting Pvt Ltd.

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Will Shunning Foreign Goods Help India?

Today I received a passionate plea by Simple Thoughts (popular Java & Web Technology blog) contact form from Rajesh Kannan, who apparently forwarded the email from someone else. I am enclosing his letter in full below:
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Swami Vivekananda’s Rare Photograph

Swami VivekanandaThis photograph was thought to have been taken in Green Acre in 1894. However, the Eliot Baha’i archivist in Green Acre has indicated that it was taken at Ridgely Manor in October 1899:
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Indian Market Cap Falls Below 1 Trillion Dollar

On Monday, India had a trillion-dollar economy and a trillion-dollar stock market. A day later, it had neither. The culprit: a vicious cycle set off primarily by high international oil prices that refuse to come down below $140 per barrel. BSE closed on Monday with a market capitalization of about $1.02 trillion. On Tuesday, a fall of 500 points in the Sensex and a gain of 32 paise for the dollar against the rupee saw that figure drop to $970 billion.
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Barack Obama Pays Tribute To Indian Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw

“I offer my deep condolences to the people of India on the passing of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw,” said US Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama. “He was a legendary soldier, a patriot, and an inspiration to his fellow citizens.” Obama added.

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Goldman Sachs Names ArcelorMittal CEO & Chairman, Lakshmi Mittal to Board

Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the New York investment bank, named Lakshmi N. Mittal as an independent director, the board’s 13th member. Laxmi Mittal, a non-resident Indian, is chairman and chief executive officer of ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steelmaker. He’ll be the 10th independent director at Goldman and will sit on the board’s audit, compensation, and corporate governance and nominating committees, the firm said in a statement on Sunday. Laxmi Mittal also serves on the boards of EADS.

24/7 Online Bangla / Bengali Radio

Washington Bengali radio is a 24/7 online Bengali radio channel which broadcasts classic bengali songs with a sprinkling of bangla bands. Tune in here.

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Congratulations To Yuvraj, Dhoni & Young Indian Cricket Team

Congratulations to the young Indian cricket team for their excellent performance and for winning the first 20/20 Cricket World cup. The best of brigade and in that order are: Yuvraj, Dhoni, Harwinder & the rest of young uns. You have done what the seniors couldn’t; finally shed the stigma of being perceived as chokers.

Congratulations To Laxmi Mittal For Winning Arcelor Deal

laxmi mittalLaxmi Mittal of Mittal Steel has done an incredible job in clinching the deal with Arcelor, cementing his leadership of world’s steel industry to virtually unassailable position.

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26 Days in Calcutta / Kolkata

The third-oldest daughter in a family of seven children had just finished a 25-minute summary of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.” She had done so in her home in the “bustees” — the dense Calcutta slums — while Rosalie Giffoniello and I sat on two plastic chairs, the only chairs in the room. The room was no more than eight feet wide and no more than 13 feet long. It was the entire home of a Muslim family of 10. The family all sleep together on the plywood platform that takes up the far end of the room. But now the children are big, and the platform is no longer big enough, and so the older boys sleep sitting up, with their backs to the wall. When the season changes to summer and real heat comes, the temperature in the house climbs to 120 degrees. Then the boys sleep out on the streets, but the girls stay inside, where they say the nights are terrible. During the day they all care for an eighth child, the 3-month-old son of the married, working, oldest daughter. The baby, Fardeen, cared nothing for Jane Austen as he sat quietly and grasped the neck of a little chicken the family hoped would turn out to be a hen. I asked if he ever tried to strangle the bird. The oldest son, Mehtu, laughed and said it did not happen that often.

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