Congratulations To Yuvraj, Dhoni & Young Indian Cricket Team

Congratulations to the young Indian cricket team for their excellent performance and for winning the first 20/20 Cricket World cup. The best of brigade and in that order are: Yuvraj, Dhoni, Harwinder & the rest of young uns. You have done what the seniors couldn’t; finally shed the stigma of being perceived as chokers.

A Protest: I Quit Supporting Indian Cricket aka Chappell’s XI

I protest against the farce that Indian cricket has become. The seven jokers (Rahul “Lackey” Dravid, Greg “Underarm” Chappell aka Greg “middle finger” Chappell, Kiran “Chappell’s Puppy” More and the remaining non-de-plume’s decided to play the biggest joke in the annals of Indian cricket.

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CricInfo Website Plagiarizes ICC?

CricInfo is a well known cricket information site. It is very disheartening to note that they apparently decided to copy the content (almost verbatim) originally written by Brian Murgatroyd of ICC (International Cricket Council) - India bearing down on sides above them in LG ICC ODI Championship without any attribution.

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What’s Next Greg “Underarm” Chappell?

For the uninitiated we, in India, are watching the high drama surrounding our cricket team and two major players - Greg “Underarm” Chappell and Sourav “Never say die” Ganguly.

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Let’s Denounce Saurav Ganguly and All Hail Greg “Underarm” Chappell

I think it is the right time to “denounce” Saurav Ganguly, India’s most successful cricket captain ever, and “All Hail” Greg “underarm” Chappell, who is incidentally as well known for his underarm tactics in the infamous game with New Zealand as his cricketing acumen. After all he in his “infinite wisdom” has found Ganguly to be guilty of what were thought to be his greatest traits like finally creating a Team India that you saw in Natwest and last World Cup. Not to mention Greg has the support of “cricketers” like Raj Singh “so rabidly fanatic and partisan that isn’t even laughable anymore” Dungarpur and Sharad Power, whose best games are played in the corridors of congressional politics.

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