Why you should support Anna Hazare and his andolan against corruption

I feel some people today still fail to understand the true impact of Anna Hazare and his movement and argue trivially about the process and parliament and so on.

Democracy is based on the hypothesis of Vox populi, vox dei.

Abraham Lincon famously said: Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people

Today, people of India has spoken like never before. Let’s not argue over the process and lets focus on the end-goal. All the process of democracy is to act according to vox populi and remember democracy is still evolving. Today Anna has shown what people in India wants. There is no good reason not to accept Jan Lokpal bill and then go on to accept even broader measures to end corruption.

The core issue is much larger than just Jan Lok Pal bill. It is merely a start, albeit a good one. The core issue is that people are exasperated with corruption at every level of government and administration and they want to rise up against it.

Anna Hazare has rightly said, we are all Anna Hazare. Today, India has risen to speak together as hundreds of millions of Anna Hazare.

So let’s stop arguing and do what we can to highlight the demands of Mother India.


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