Why Most Netbooks Are Better Than iPad / Tablet

Inspite of the hype caused by iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablets, Netbooks are still a winning proposition for many class of users. Here’s a brief set of reasons to look into before you go plonking down your hard earned cash for a tablet:

  • Most Netbooks today have a full-fledged Operating System, Windows or Linux, which allows you to easily add software to it, more importantly use the very large pool of software already available for mainstream operating systems
  • Netbooks can be easily attached to an external monitor, USB monitors or even regular monitors, and used with projectors like any laptop, allowing them to be effectively used for business presentations and demos.
  • Most Netbooks have multiple USB ports, 100Mpbs or even Gbps Ethernet port allowing high speed connectivity
  • You can use them with any 3G / EDGE modems
  • Netbooks tend to be cheaper than equivalent sized tablets
  • Most Netbooks comes with higher resolutions but that may be changing with retina display
  • They have physical keyboards which can be used instead having to buy one for tablets
  • The clamshell design makes then more scratch proof
  • Netbbook comes with much more harddisk space. However tablets have SSD drives which are more robust.
  • Most Netbook comes with multi-format card readers
  • No dependence on computers to sync data
  • You can install Java, run multiple OS using VirtualBox and more…

I have bought Samsung N100 MA-05 Netbook with MeeGo OS and am satisfied with the decision, as an alternative to Tablet devices for Relaso marketing purposes.

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