What’s Next Greg “Underarm” Chappell?

For the uninitiated we, in India, are watching the high drama surrounding our cricket team and two major players - Greg “Underarm” Chappell and Sourav “Never say die” Ganguly.

Greg wants to dispose off our most successful cricket captain in Indian history and wants to take charge as coach and “virtual captain” with Rahul “Puppet” Dravid in his tow. Unfortunately for him Ganguly fights back with an excellent display of stamina and skill in the game.

But you can never discount Chappell who is well known for his “underarm” tactics. His short stint in India indicates he has perfected his techniques since the infamous New Zealand match. He has already created enough divisiveness in Indian team. Team India is history since he arrived.

My bet is on Ganguly. I am always in favor of a fighter and Ganguly is one. He plays a straight game and is an excellent captain.

Time for you to pack your bags Mr. Chappell. Hasta-la-vista.


2 Responses to “What’s Next Greg “Underarm” Chappell?”

  1. sarit Says:

    hi … my main question is …what credentials does Greg Chappell have as a coach …unlike Woolmer .. Wright ..who has coached sides succesfully in the past.. as far as coachin for South australia is concerned … it is very well known that Chappell was in the midst of controgveries there as well… players didn’t like him ..neither the team did any good. Chappell is a legend in his own mind. seeing is believing …wining against a Srilanka at home doesn;t prove anything. Shuffling batting orders , experimenting ..is all good but results is what we want. Say Ganguly is sacked and team moves on without him … but what if team India fails in 2007 WC … then we are left with injustice done to past skippers …controversies and controversies .. , an ego-maniac coach, a puppet captain and huge salaries being paid to Chappell and his coachin team

  2. Angsuman Says:

    As ego-maniacs go chappell is one of the biggest. Pakistan tour will be the litmus test for him as well as Sourav, if he gets a fair chance.

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