What are the typical problems which any developer faces on daily basis?

Aninda Das from NASSCOM asked: “”What are the typical problems(atleast 5) which any developer faces on daily basis?” Here is what I think are the biggest challenges a developer faces or is most likely to face. Please add your thoughts in the comments below.

In a technology agnostic perspective here are some of the challenges:

  1. Ability to understand the requirements of the project
  2. Ability of lack of interest to understand the full context  of the project which if often essential in successful completion of a project
  3. Lack of understanding of the problem from customer perspective
  4. Lack of resources to complete the task in time
  5. Lack of communication or inability to communicate with superiors to update the state of the project which often leads to misunderstanding and undue pressure on the developer.
  6. Lack of technological knowhow to allow him to choose the best technology
  7. Incomplete understanding of languages, technologies and framework and inability to master them
  8. Inability to think outside the box (an overused cliche which is nonetheless relevant) to devise innovative solutions to a complex problem

Lot of the challenges faced by a developer can be attributed to the following factors:

  1. Lack of proper work culture and work ethics which is endemic to certain regions only, not universal
  2. Lack of proper training
  3. Lack of  deep and thorough understanding of the underlying technology
  4. Lack of minimum logical ability required to be a decent programmer

Biggest technological challenge a developer is likely to face:

  1. Internet Explorer 6
  2. Multi-threading
  3. Designing scalable & high-performance applications

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