Top 5 Reason To Be An Entrepreneur

I worked for several companies, some big like Infosys or Sun and couple of startups like Extensity (now part of GEAC) and DoubleTwist. Working at DoubleTwist was absolutely the best job experience I could ever hope for. I learned every day, was eager to go to work. Even in my job nirvana I realized I was missing something - being my own boss, in control of my fate. I started Taragana and haven’t looked back since. Here are few reasons why.

5. Ultimate flexibility
You have absolute flexibility in your work schedule. Some business do allows work hour flexibility but nowhere to this degree. It helps you to bring back balance in your life, unless you are too greedy.

4. Enjoying roller-coaster rides.
Business can sometimes be roller-coaster ride - sometimes you get high with success and sometimes everything seems to go against you. If you can realize the pattern you will learn to enjoy it over time. And you will learn ways to control it down the road.

3. You choose what you want to do.
No longer you will have to limit your imagination to dull projects assigned to you. You can venture into any field you want and commit your time as much as you want. You can follow your heart (remember not to leave your brain far behind).

2. You are you own boss.
No longer will you have to answer for your actions to any incompetent boss. More importantly you control your life and your future. You answer only to yourself. If you are self-confident, aware of your abilities then nothing beats being in control of your own destiny.

1. You can be Bill Gates or Laxmi Mittal or Donald Trump (and brag about your wealth)
Only in business can you rise to such dizzying heights of material success.


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  1. Shrenik Bhura Says:

    Hi Angshuman,

    It is interesting to know about you. I too have traversed the route you have and it really feels good to know that the entrepreneurship spirit is alive and kicking in Kolkata.

    It would be great to meet you and know you better. You may get in touch at sb at intelliant . net

    PS: You may know more about me by googling as I never got around blogging as I was too busy with which is just half the story ;-)

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