Top 34 Reasons to Join an IT Startup in India

Joining a startup company anywhere in the world is a no-brainer, more so in India and even more so for IT Startups. The pros far outweigh the cons for IT industry. Whether you’re just graduating, or you’ve done your time working for “big companies”, now is as good a time as ever to join a startup. Here are top 30 reasons to join an IT Startup:

You want more? Here are my top 4  reasons for joining an IT startup in India:

  • IT Startups allows you to learn rapidly in all aspects of IT rapidly and teaches you how to manage and even thrive in stress
  • IT Outsourcing is the mainstay of major IT companies in India. Unfortunately IT outsourcing is on decline and the industry will seriously shrink in the coming years because of:
    • Financial crisis in USA and Europe
    • Increasing government regulations against IT Outsourcing in USA and even in Europe
    • Reduced arbitrage rate benefit of IT outsourcing due to increased wages in India
    • Unhealthy focus on volume instead of Quality has affected the image of Indian outsourcing over the years, something we regularly hear from lots of businesses who had bitter experiences with IT outsourcing in India
  • In IT industry technical experts are always highly valued and can ensure a career irrespective of recession or boom. A startup experience can rapidly make you a technical expert, which often a lifetime in outsourcing cannot. The scope of learning is enormous in a startup, compared to behemoths.
  • You grow with the company and often get promotions ahead of time because of your stellar performance. I worked in a 250 people strong Venture Capital backed Bioinformatics startup company where I got 4 promotion in 11 months simply because of my performance and capabilities! I went on to become Chief Software Architect from a Senior Software Engineer. Such opportunities are almost impossible in a big company with rigid procedures and red tape.

There are many more but I need to get on to something else. May add more later. In the meantime, feel free to contact us. We are hiring.


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