Swami Vivekananda’s Rare Photograph

Swami VivekanandaThis photograph was thought to have been taken in Green Acre in 1894. However, the Eliot Baha’i archivist in Green Acre has indicated that it was taken at Ridgely Manor in October 1899:
[The photo of] Swami Vivekananda and Sara Bull at Green Acre is a mystery for some have suggested that it is at her cottage at Green Acre, however the cottage was not built until 1897 and Vivekananda did not visit after 1896. One might think that it is on the porch of the [Green Acre] Inn but the railing finials are not of that design! Joseph Frost, of Eliot, has in his possession a glass slide taken by his deceased relative Ralph S. Bartlett on which he has written “Mrs. Ole Bull and Swami Vivekananda at home of Francis H. Leggett, Stoneridge, NY–October 1899.” It appears to be the same photograph.
Swamiji and Mrs. Bull are standing on the porch of the “Inn,” which was a building on the Ridgely property where Mrs. Bull and Sister Nivedita stayed. Swamiji had been earnestly requesting Mrs. Bull to join the group who had gathered at the Leggett’s home during his stay there. Various obstacles kept cropping up which prevented Mrs. Bull’s coming. Eventually, the way cleared and she arrived on October 7 and remained there until Swamiji left on November 7. Mrs. Bull’s stay during October corroborates the Baha’i Society’s information that the photo was taken at that time.
Source: Swanand Pathak


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