Only Michelle Malkin Can…

How can someone take a perfectly reasoned speech by General Collin Powell supporting Barack Obama for President and try to make a mockery of it?
Has she lost all sense of logic? Is she so hard-headed to realize that Senator Obama is miles ahead of Senator McCain and for very solid reasons? Not to mention Mrs. Palin who is clearly unsuitable in any form to be the President of United States.

Or is it that Michelle is just doing her job. She gets paid to be a bull-headed democrat hater and she is just doing her job? Maybe that’s what it is. Otherwise I cannot simply understand how a well known journalist can be so devoid of logic and common sense.

BTW: Go through the enclosed Colin Powell’s speech if you haven’t already. He very clearly explains the value of Obama over his competitor and announces his support for Obama as President.

In the end I think her title is right in more ways than she imagined. Obama signifies the hope of a new generation over the stark reality of the devastation caused by the Bush administration so far. Even a great nation as America cannot endure another such regime.

BTW: Who do you support as the next US President? Let us know (anonymously) through this survey.

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