India to be Technical Backend for All New .org Web Sites

India’s global image and reputation is rapidly growing. Top Internet decision makers, PIR, have decided to make India a hub for the technical backend of all new websites, a move that is expected to significantly reduce time to access websites.

The plan is to support the ‘.org’ name for all new websites from New Delhi, India. Total registrations could be several millions, considering India alone has more than two million registered non-profit bodies.

According to the Public Interest Registry (PIR), a not-for-profit body set up by the Geneva-based Internet Society (ISOC), .org websites will work much faster in India once their servers are located here. Afilias, which will run the dot org registry, estimates that a website that takes 5-7 seconds to be located by a computer today, could then take 1-5 milliseconds.

“PIR has housed its domain name resolution servers for dot org in India. This is for the world’s dot org servers, not just for India. Apart from quicker resolution of web sites, this will also create additional jobs and technological advantages for India and lower infrastructure costs” says Edward Viltz, president and CEO, PIR.

“India is getting a phenomenally good reputation in the world for not just call centre activity but also for its technology and infrastructure” says Viltz.

Since non-profit bodies are among the biggest fundraisers, the billions of dollars donated online makes it even more important to give them a home on the internet.

Considering the high stakes, PIR is also working with the Better Business Bureau on a “Seal of Approval’” for well-run .org websites. “The devil is in the details, but we are discussing such a plan to recognise .orgs doing a good job themselves and helping the dot org community worldwide preserve the integrity and value of this name” says Viltz.

Impetus for PIR’s effort follows from recent successes with the government-launched .in (dot in) domain name. Since February, 1.4 million Indian companies have adopted .in on their websites, convincing .org supporters that the Indian end of the Internet is well-oiled enough to carry the world’s NGOs on its wheels.

The government is at present flooded by requests to register using .in name, and is now planning registrations in regional languages as well. Even .org registrations have leapfrogged. PIR says that since January, nearly 8,000 .org websites were registered from India, a 31 per cent growth over last year. There are now 33,000 .org websites in India, compared to 9,000 in Brazil and 47,000 each in China and Taiwan, which, however, are not growing as fast.

“Today, India accounts for nearly 1 per cent of .org websites worldwide, but the fact that .in was launched successfully will help spread internet infrastructure tremendously faster in India” says Viltz.

Currently, the US hosts 65 per cent of all .org websites, Europe 25 per cent and India, 0.9 per cent.

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