Hats Off To Senator Barack Obama & Senator Mrs. Hillary Clinton

This has been an amazing campaign for the Democrats. Both Democratic party nominee presents an opportunity and test for the new USA. USA had to choose between the first woman president or the first black president. It has chosen for the first Black presidential nominee and probably the president of USA and his message for change.

Senator Barack Obama swayed the country with his mantra for change. Everywhere I visited in US, people are talking about Obama, people are hopeful about a change for the better. Obama mobilized the country with his spirit, his energy and his promise. He relied on common people to fund his campaign and extensively leveraged the internet. His campaign for the first time showed the immense power of the web in soliciting funds for a cause.

Senator Mrs. Hillary Clinton amazed me with her toughness and determination. She fought till the end and continue to fight. She was leading initially and was widely assumed to be the next presidential choice from Democratic. Even after massive reversal she fought back and resurfaced again and again. While I don’t agree with some of her techniques, she is a great fighter.

Senator Obama should consider Mrs. Clinton as his vice-Presidential candidate. With her as his ally, he can win back the fragmented democratic vote bank after this long and bitter campaign. However there is a danger, will he be able to fully alienate the Washington lobbies with Mrs. Clinton by her side?

Personally I don’t like the policy of democratic candidates on outsourcing. When USA is espousing free trade worldwide and asking other countries to open itself to US businesses, it should also open its own market to worldwide businesses. You cannot just expect to take without giving anything in return. That is plain unfair.

Having said that, I think in either case - Obama or McCain, USA will get a better president than the current president. While I have nothing against McCain, I think Obama holds out more hope for America. Let’s see what American public decides this time. Hopefully we won’t have to suffer through Florida recounts and chads.


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