Congratulations To Laxmi Mittal For Winning Arcelor Deal

laxmi mittalLaxmi Mittal of Mittal Steel has done an incredible job in clinching the deal with Arcelor, cementing his leadership of world’s steel industry to virtually unassailable position.

As per the deal Laxmi Mittal will be the Co-Chairman with Joseph Kinsch and the new firm will be called Arcelor-Mittal.

Mittal has risen from humble roots while spending many of his years in Kolkata. He is famous for turning around sick steel industry and making them profitable.


11 Responses to “Congratulations To Laxmi Mittal For Winning Arcelor Deal”

  1. manali Says:

    laxmi mittal is osam big tycoon of india.he is my ideal.

  2. guru Says:

    hi, im guru frm india. dont do different things , they do things differently.bye

  3. Deedar Singh Dosanj Says:

    Hi Sir,

    It was indeed glorious to know about your success,

    You are a real hero, Ever inspiring, sensational, down to earth, a great book of success..

    My wishes to you from heart. Make Indians proud, thatz the spirit.

    Bale Sonihaal…… Satshriakaal…..

  4. amit RAY Says:

    Me alegro por L Mittal, el es un Ex Xaveriano igual como yo, de Kolkata. Le deseo mucho exito.

  5. Dr R K SONI, Ludhiana India Says:

    Namaskar Sir,

    You have acheived The Goals of Life, by buying most prestigious Companies and bunglows. Keep it up. My good wishes with you.

  6. Angsuman Says:

    Dr Soni,
    1. My goals in life do not include being like Laxmi Mittal.
    2. I am not Laxmi Mittal, I am Angsuman Chakraborty :)

  7. kamal Says:

    Ram Ram ji,

    Kya baat hain ji aapne sidha kar hi diya ki Marwadi Great hain es duniya main.

    Thanking you,

    Kamal Singh

    Rajgarh, Churu, Rajasthan

  8. vijay Rajgarghia Says:

    Ram Ram

    Bdai ho ! aapki saflta dar saflta se hum rajgarh wasi gorwanvit ho rahe hai

  9. Rakesh Dulania Says:

    Hello Bhaiji,

    Apne Sari dhuniya me Rajgarh, Churu ka naam roshan kar diya.
    Hame apne aap par garve he ki hum bhi uus gaon ke rahene wale hai.

    Thanking You,

    Rakesh Dulania
    Rajgarh, Churu, Rajasthan.

  10. Thapyal Says:

    You have set a good example of how the success is.

  11. Thapyal Says:

    YOu have set a good example of how to achieve the target.

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