An Idea for Social Entrepreneurship and Collaborative Public Service

Lots of people die in India even today, every day due to hunger, many barely sustain by eating uneatables, items you would never imagine can be consumed by a human. All they need is food and on a regular basis. Let’s start here…

Create a non-profit organization. Let’s start with a small hut in one such village. Hire two persons, one to buy food items and cook daily meals and the other to serve and clean the dishes, maintain the place. You can hire local staff. The idea is to keep costs low. As for food start with the basics, like rice, dal and one vegetable dish. However buy good quality items in bulk and ensure they are stored properly.

Serve food to people daily, both lunch and dinner for free. You may consider providing them with a free photo id to keep track of number of people you are sreving every day and to prevent misuse. You may need a cheap atom based pc and a printer to create these cards.

Make the hut secure against burglary during night. Add two or more security cameras which can be observed remotely over the web. You will need a 3G/EVDO data connection or regular broadband. Power the setup with solar cells. Any decent security camera system supports remote viewing using broadband connection.

Do the costing for one year. Be prepapred to bear this cost, either yourself or through loans, angel investing etc. for at least one year.

Create a website which explains your mission and provides live feed of the work that you are doing in the village(s). Actively market your website and mission in various forums. Solicit help from others.Use social media to spread your message virally.

It is conceivable that you will receive help once people are convinced about the work after seeing it with their own eyes. The video feed is crucial as people like to see the value they are getting out of their donation.

Once a steady state has been achieved, expand your operations to start educating the villages about making electronic devices from their home or at your workshop. Almnost any electronic devices can be assembled by anyone with little training. You can then sell them in Indian market as also in USA etc. Simple devices like cell-phones, electronic alarms, security components, toys etc. This operation should be independent of your food serving operation. Recruit only willing and able people, both male and female.

You can also start educating these people about basic mathematics, science etc. The idea is to make them self-sufficient over time so you can move your foiod serving operations to other villages needing it more.

Spread your operations from village to village as funds start coming in.

While this business won’t make you Bill Gates or even Mukesh Ambani, it will earn you a decent living and allow you to help thousands of others on a daily basis. It will makr your life worth living.


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