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Taragana Blog Network is a collection of Blog sites we write and manage like Simple Thoughts on Java and Web Technologies, The Stem Cell Blog, Hot Computer Jobs Blog, The Eye Care Blog, Phil Law Blog, The Pet Care Blog etc.

Today I received an Ad offer through AdBrite to display text link for a casino cheating related site for a day on my Simple Thoughts Blog. The site wasn’t even up when I accessed it. Needless to say I rejected it.

I felt it is right time I informally introduced my policy for advertising on these blogs.

Specifically here are the sites & topics I will definitely disallow.

  • Pornographic sites
  • Casino or Gambling related sites
  • Any site preaching / advising / practicing violence on any individuals or groups
  • Any site preaching / advising / practicing racial discrimination on any individuals or groups
  • Any religious site with “holier than thou” attitude and wants to convert everybody to their faith

I am also likely to disallow seriously offensive sites. The policy may be updated from time to time.

The irony behind this is that this post is likely to be laced with Google ads on casino or similar topics as mentioned above. As the Google AdSense is automatic, the only thing I can do is block them when I see them.

My approach to blogging and blog advertising is simple. I will not have anything that I wouldn’t want my name associated with.


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  1. greencard Says:

    Why this web site do not have other languages support?

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