5 Tips To Get A Flat Stomach

Everywhere I am seeing the mundane AdSense ad titled - 5 Tips To Get A Flat Stomach. The tips aren’t interesting and the ad is definitely not context senstive; Google AdSense has been gamed again. So I thought, why not really give you 5 tips to get a flat stomach.


Irrespective of whatever you may hear, dieting is a must. I am talking moderate dieting, nothing drastic. Cut down on the extra carbohydrates, lower fat intake and maybe take slightly more protein to compensate. Again, don’t go beyond what a normal man / woman would eat. Dieting will help you control your intake factor. It will as aid but definitely should n0ot be used as the sole strategy for weight loss because of two reasons:

1. Crash dieting is hard to sustain and can reduce your strength and immunity

2. After crash dieting period gets over, most people resort to binge eating (over eating), thereby not only begating the effect of dieting but probably adding few calories on the plus side too. See-saw weight loss approach is definitely unhealthy as it stresses your system, not to mention your confidence.

You should really take sufficient amount that you feel you can sustain through the rest of your life. In other words, modify your lifestyle first before your modify your diet.


Exercise alone cannot help you to lose weight. It should be accompanied by dieting as explained above. However exercise is a must simply because it can trick your system to increase its metabolic rate.

My conception on exercise was wrong. I thought exercise contributed directly to weight loss by burning calories. However while it does help some weight loss directly, that factor isn’t what will make you thin and is relatively insignificant in the bigger picture. Vigorous execrise can trick your body to increase your metabolic rate so you will continue to lose weight even while you are sleeping. Imagine your body has a furnace in it. Your metabolic rate indicates how much fuel the fire is consuming. In individuals with high metabolic rate, the fire is burning more vigorously than others. So they can eat a lot and yet they continue to remain slim. However most fat people ( unless they have other disorders by thyroid or are on steroid medications contributing to their overweight) have slower metabolic rate. This is why you will hear them complain that even limited amount of eating appears to contribute to their body mass / weight.

Vigorous exercise of short duration is better than slow exercise of long duration because vigorous exercise tricks your body into increasing your metabolic rate. And if you can maintain the schedule, your body will continue to work in high metabolic rate and you will start losing weight rapidly.

Slow exercise of long duration like walking may also have other side effects for overweight people like aggravating joint pains. Short vigorous exercises do not take much time and yet contribute more. The key thing about exercise is continuity, come hell or high water.

Have fun

One simple way to forget stress is to eat sweet food and drinks. Another way is to drink (wine / liquor). Both of them contribute to your body mass. An effective strategy for weight loss should also include a plan to reduce your stress. Lower stress allows you to have more control over your life and you can maintain your diet better and allow you to exercise regularly.

Don’t sweat

Don’t sweat and don’t fret. Being overweight isn’t the end of the world, irrespective of what your spouse / significant other tells you. You can lose weight and you can maintain it and you can do it without becoming ill or bulemic. Have faith in yourself and you will overcome this challenge like many other challenges in life that you triumphed over.

Don’t measure your weight daily or even weekly. However measuring once a month is good as it gives a reliable indicator of the success of your plan. Remember, you created it and it is you who can get rid of it.

Don’t get bulemic

Dieting is often taken to the extreme by the enthusiastic. It can even make you bulemic. Remember Terry Sciavo? Remember her vegetative state for years and know that bulemia can cause it. Heavy dieting can also weaken your vital organs due to lack of nutrition.

Bonus Tip: Everyone’s an expert, NO

Everyone you know and their cousins are expert in weight loss. Don’t believe the folks around you, don’t believe everything you read on the net (not even this post). Read from reliable and up-to-date sources (medical journals, NCBI etc.) many of which are freely available on the net and verify every word I say or anybody else says. Read, learn and then form your own conclusions.

Experiment, if you must, but scientifically derive conclusions from it and modify your regime accordingly. Don’t try to lose weight too fast too soon. It isn’t a get-rich-quick. It takes time and patience is what will make you successful.

Good luck!


2 Responses to “5 Tips To Get A Flat Stomach”

  1. Ex Back Says:

    I follow your posts for quite a long time and should tell that your articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  2. Get a flat stomach | Swagata Says:

    I must say that these tips are absolutely practical and down-to-earth. The thing I liked most is that you stressed on losing weight naturally and slowly without haste. This is exactly what I too stress on. Anything done in a hurry can cause more damage than good, we must give enough time to our body to adjust to our changing life style and only then the changes will be complete and perfect.

  3. Bartez Says:

    The are numbers of things that we have to consider. This list is probably not everything:
    1. Exercises - very important
    2. Fat burning diet - with this maybe exercises will not have to be so intensive
    3. Cardio exercises - running, bike
    4. Mental change – this is the hardest. It is very hard to motivate these days
    5. Eat often and less - this is also very healthy

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