24/7 Online Bangla / Bengali Radio

Washington Bengali radio is a 24/7 online Bengali radio channel which broadcasts classic bengali songs with a sprinkling of bangla bands. Tune in here.

You will need Real Player (free version is fine) or VLC to listen. I am listening to it now.


5 Responses to “24/7 Online Bangla / Bengali Radio”

  1. t s Says:

    Great station - thanks!

  2. Subhashis Says:

    SO nice, so we will have online radio now…. Its nice.

  3. Washington Bangla Radio Says:

    Hi Angsuman,

    The link to the stream for Washington Bangla Radio is deprecated. Can you please update your post to indicate that Washington Bangla Radio is accessible from the web-site https://www.washingtonbanglaradio.com

    Also, if you really want to just link to the stream directly, the stream URL is: https://banglaradio.homeip.net:8000/listen.pls

    Best wishes
    Supratim Sanyal
    Washington Bangla Radio

  4. Angsuman Says:

    Hi Supratim,

    Thanks for the update. I have updated my post.

    Best wishes,

  5. ONIYOM Says:

    ONIYOM is the best 24/7 online bengali radio i have ever seen.

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