Being kind versus being ruthless in sacking inefficient employees

Today I was talking with a good friend of mine who is a very highly educated and experienced professional and above all a very good human being. He was sharing how he tried to be kind to everybody and how people took advantage, his unwillingness to sack inefficient employees was often leveraged for no good of the company. And he has been as such forced to be ruthless and be highly intolerant of inefficient employees.

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“Mai hnu na” (”I will take care of everything”) and the consequences

Many times I have been lulled into a false sense of security where a respectable person promised to take care of something which was extremely crucial for my business and myself. Only later, much later did I find out that the promise was not kept and I have been left to handle the consequences, often heavy. Last few days I have been battling with one such issue which simply due to sheer negligence and lying of a professional, who was highly recommended by a close family friend of 30 years, is costing me around 1.5 lac rupees, my fault being trusting the false promises and assurances and not looking into it personally due to lack of time.

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