15 Years for Cheek Biting

I don’t get it at several levels.

15 years for biting off piece of cheek, which has been mostly restored with plastic surgery!

Gareth Whyte, 27, was convicted in January of first- and second-degree assault in the May 8 attack.

“When I was bitten and my flesh was spat at me, more than my face was damaged,” said Dorothy Pritchett of New Rochelle, New York, in a statement read by prosecutor Heide Mason.

“The compassion and love I had in me was killed,” Pitchett’s statement said. “My courage and self-esteem was taken away.”

“People may think that 25 years in prison may be too long for the damage that was done to me but I’ll be in this prison for the rest of my life,” she said.

Source: CNN

  • What kind of self-esteem she had initially to begin with?
  • That her compassion was killed in self-evident. She was demanding 25 years.

I don’t condone the crime in the least. However I think this is a case where the punishment far exceeds the crime. Much more serious offenders (like murderer’s) have been let away for much less. 15 years will destroy the life of this young man forever. Also the victim doesn’t arouse much compassion for her apparently heartless nature.


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  1. di Says:

    ok … I do get it. She had a hole in face… that she is not disfigured does not mean the act was not done or that she is not scarred emotionally by such an act of abuse. She got great medical care, and they were able to do their best by her. The flesh taken from her is in jar, it is not part of her face anymore. It was evidence.

    This not a toddler biting another toddler just leaving teeth marks.. this is an adult male biting his SO in act of violence.. that it was biting vs slapping or punching makes it no less violent. It was an act of violent assault.. what does this person deserve a slap on the wrist or maybe bite back?

    Abuse is abuse.. biting to this degree is extreme so maybe the punishment should match the crime?

    Did you see the details of the case? I am not a judge or the jury but I think it is not simple crime.. 25 years maybe to severe .. but this was a real crime and it was true assault.

  2. Angsuman Says:

    People get less than 15 years for murder. Was it more heinous than murder?

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