The Lost City of Life

Rarely have I been moved by a movie, The Lost city is one of the exceptions. I like my movies simple and fun, few fights are okay too. The Lost City is not much of an action movie. The presence of the nameless comedian doesn’t make it comical either. Even the fights feel like fait accompli. The movie is gripping as well as sad as we watch the lives of Cubans slide down a never ending slope. You cannot but deeply feel with the Fico, with Luis and even Roberto.

I also felt for some strange reason that it isn’t an ordinary movie, it probably depicts a lot of reality of Cuba in the fifties. Fiction can never match real life in invoking the deep emotions that it did. Only Cubans from that time can let me know how far it depicts the reality, which as I see is far from the fictionalized and romanticized depiction of US.

At some time or other we all love to romanticize about a revolution, we often forget the cost associated with it. Why is it so hard to realize that spilling blood isn’t part of the solution?


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