National Center for Men Launches ‘Roe v. Wade for Men’ Campaign

Men’s rights activists are mounting a long shot legal campaign aimed at giving them the chance to opt out of financial responsibility for raising a child.

The National Center for Men has prepared a lawsuit — nicknamed Roe v. Wade for Men — to be filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Michigan on behalf of a 25-year-old computer programmer ordered to pay child support for his ex-girlfriend’s daughter. The suit addresses the issue of male reproductive rights, contending that lack of such rights violates the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause.

Their argument is that if a pregnant woman can choose among abortion, adoption or raising a child, a man involved in an unintended pregnancy should have the choice of declining the financial responsibilities of fatherhood.

Source: MSNBC via Joel

Equal rights arguments taken to extremes logically leads to such reasoning. It would be interesting to watch the outcome of this debate. My friend thinks - if women couldn’t count on men to pay child support, even more women would be pro-choice on abortion. I disagree. Equal rights means equal rights everywhere, however ridiculous it may sound.


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  1. Dana Morrison Says:

    hi national center for men. ive had a problem for almost 4 yrs now. i was having an affair with a gal who lived 400miles or so from me. we got together a few times. she had a boyfiend, and i had a girlfriend at the time. she told me she was pregnant so could’nt possibly get pregnant. she was like me overweight so i did’nt doubt her. she did’nt look pregnant, i admit, but like i said she was overweight so i thought she does’nt show that much cause she is fat like me. anyway sadly i found out te hard way she was not pregnant. now im being forced to pay about 450 a month plus put the kid on my blue cross at work. it’s killing me. i have no chance to ever really get to know the kid. i also feel so violated as she set me up with her lying about being pregnant. ive always thought that she should get arrested for committing extortion on me. in any other life happening if she was to lie,and misrepresent herself like that to take money later it would be extortion. well im sorry it’s been so long. i guess i’d like to know if i have anyway of signing off my responsibility? i’d sign adoption papers tomorrow. i never ever ever ever wanted a kid from this long distance affair. the ONLY reason i did’nt use protection was because she PROMSED me she could’nt get pregnant. i hope to hear back from you. ive never met the child if your wondering. p.s. ive been married for 2 and a half yrs now,and have a baby we planned for 20 months old. sincerely Dana Morrison

  2. Allison Reid Says:

    I married a man 8 years ago with a 6 year old child. My husband at the time was paying $70.00 a week directly to her mother, not court ordered.Her mother decided to take my husband to court at the childs age of 10, saying she never received any child support from my husband. We presented the courts with proof of check stubs, although the courts considered this a gift. My husband was ordered to pay, child support from the time his daughter was 4 (when, the childs mother ended her relationship with my husband) till the age of 18. Since her mother has had 6 different apartments,4 dui’s, serverd 70 days in jail, and lost a good job.When my husband retained a lawyer to take custody of his daughter, the lawyer said it would be tough to fight in court if the daughter now 14 didn’t agree 100% to live in our home( which we have built and maintaned for 7 years), we decided not to spend the $2000 retainer fee, because his daughter said she was afraid to leave her mother by her self. My point here is how much of child support goes directly to the child?who decides which home is right for the child to live in? Why does it cost for the man to fight for custody of a child he is paying for monthly? It is obvious to me a women that men don’t have rights , even for those paying child support .

  3. Sandi Says:

    I salute anyone who can put a stop to women gettting pregnant and not allowing men to have a say. A similar situation has happened to my husband and I. My husband was seved papers for a child that he had no idea even existed. The child was 4 years of age and the courts demanded that he provide a DNA sample. After 2 other men had been ruled out, go figure! Now my husband has to pay back support and until she is 19. That is wrong. Women should not be allowed to continue to get away with this!!!!!!

  4. Robert Miller Says:

    I have a solution,

    Ok if you and a lady become pregnant, and the man decides that he wants to opt out of parenthood.

    1. Then the lady still has her choices.
    a. Abortion
    b. Adoption
    c. have the child.
    2. Since the man has opted out, and if the woman decides to have the baby, (regardless
    of if she wants to keep the child or put it up for abortion). The man should be required
    to pay for the medical expenses of the procedure, and the womans SHARE of the
    expense would be the actual pregnacy.
    3. After the child is born it is up to the woman to decide what to do.

    Life is not fair, and as the saying goes it takes two to Tango, both should be in some way responsible for the pregnacy and or the child.

    I am pro-choice, however, I do feel that Abortion is a very extreme procedure, but I am a man, and its not my body, so I really have no say.


  5. Amy Says:

    Hmmm, I am on the other side of this situation…I was in a year long relationship with a wonderful man. He would come see me every time he came to FL (he lives in Mass). He would plan trips just so he could spend time with me. An example of one trip, was when he was having his yacht taken back to Cape Cod for the summer. Instead of having his Captain(s) take the boat up, he made arrangements so that he could go too and I could be with him on the boat for part of the trip.

    Throughout the year he would frequently send me gifts and called to tell me he was thinking of me. This past March we spent 5 days on his boat and every day was an adventure and so much fun. I met his neighbors and business partners from back home and spent time with his other friends that I had met throughout the year while spending time with him. About two weeks after he left I found out I was pregnant. I knew he did not want any more children and I felt I was all alone and I was/am. I told him right away and he never said one way or another to have an abortion or keep it, nothing at all. I had my dr’s appt’s and was told I was having a miscarriage at 5 weeks 6 days, that the fetal heart rate was way to low to survive–I braced myself for the miscarriage—I had one 9 years ago so I knew what to expect. I told Mr. Wonderful about the miscarriage and everything was fine, he was a perfect gentleman. I had another dr’s appt the following week to schedule the D and C and low and behold my cervix was closed and the dr ordered blood work and evrything was completely normal—the Dr. said it was a miracle. Now how on earth could I have an abortion??? This baby was a true miracle and I was/am ready to raise this child on my own. When I told him I want to keep the baby and I would raise the child on my own he did not say much. Finally I told him that I need to know, what he would do to help, and he said he did not know at that point I told him to call when he knows and he siad “okay”, then I said “okay” we hung up and I have never heard from him again. He is wealthy, very wealthy, private jet, yacht, million dollar homes, yes homes not home, wealthy. I haven’t asked for anything and don’t plan on asking but I would like him to play an active role (with or without money) so our child feels wanted. I know what it is like to be unwanted and if my father would have at least called or seen me growing up I would not feel unwanted or unworthy of a child. I have wonderful memories with and of his father and I am not bitter. I feel bad for the father that he has “no real say so” in this matter. However, that does not make it fair for the child. And to top it off, I have not been able to work this last part of my pregnancy (I own my own party planning company) and I had to borrow money just to pay the utilities and I had my home phone disconnected (kept my cell), and the cable disconnected until I get back to work. I have not spoke to the father for over 3 months, I am now 29 weeks pregnant. Should I go after him for child support? Does he owe child support? Is he responsible for this child (he knew I was not on birth control and could easily get pregnant)? The answer is YES to all of those questions…So does it make it right for a woman to abort the child just because the man does not want the responsibility?? NO. It is BOTH parents responsibility and if the man does not want to pay, he still should have to pay. I don’t want to pay my bills either but if I don’t there are consequences.

    Put yourself in her shoes…

  6. di Says:


    It is not fair to be lied to however, your an adult. Do not have unprotected sex. Birth control can be in your control. If never wanted children have the surgery. I cannot imagine that you do not want your child. That is your child regardless of the mother. A innocent soul who you would rather give up for adoption then pay for…. or provide medical insurance for.. I am at a loss. Life is not fair. You did not want a child, but you have one. That is a pure little life you help create, love your child, care for your child.

    Children are wonderful. It changes your life.. yes well grow up! Be a man. accept what is.. and do not hurt that child with you lack of care.

    This never had to happen.. your not a victim .. you fail yourself.. do not fail that baby. Find some love in you heart.. and forgiveness. I hope you find your way to your child. I know you would not regret it, unless you are made of stone, or maybe a completly without feelings or love in your own soul.

    Your flesh and blood.. your family that is what the child is.. and the only concern you have is MONEY!!!!!!!!

  7. di Says:


    Your husband create a child.. and must have been there.. the Mother may have had countless relationships, but your husband was one. It is the child that matters.. I could not in any way hurt a child because of their mother.
    Males can control the birth control.. and they can just not have sex too !! He create a life.. no matter what the mother is or lied about. Money it seems is the root of things.. money not an innocent child who has no blame in this..
    Your husband is not a victim.. the child is of both of parents, and of you.

  8. di Says:


    So you want custody why? To stop paying the mom or to punish her for wanting support per the guidelines? 70.00 per week is not a lot of money for support. If you were concern for child why not act before money was involved.. I just fail to see concern for the child. It is war between adults.. not care for child. Most kids do not want to leave their mom … that is normal. If there is abuse, or unhealthy living conditions 2000.00 would not stop me from fighting for my child’s well being. I feel like the children need a voice here.. they are only victims.. not the adults who create them then hide from supporting them.. or being the adults they need to be around.

    I do not feel you understand that at all.. placing blame attacking the bio mom well if that keeps you going ok.. but it does nothing to solve the problem.

  9. di Says:


    If nothing else get support from him.. and if he chooses not to be a real Dad.. raise your child with love … that will be enough. It not wrong to get support… you need to not be proud or afraid. He is more then able to do this, it will not hurt him. Your baby was truly meant to be here.. and has your love and care. Single motherhood is difficult, but you can and will do it.

    all the best!

  10. Mara Says:

    I believe that men and women should have equal choices! If the woman wants to flaunt a “right to choose”, that means they also CHOOSE to deal with the responsibilities that come with that choice. I’m speaking in cases where deception is involved. We sue for wrongful death, what about wrongful life? Like in cases where contraception is tampered with!?

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